College Radio Day is Coming

College Radio day is coming.  Make sure your college (or high school) radio station is ready!

Your station may already be participating.


What the…?

What kind of music are they listening to at 90.1 WUSB?

What do you think?  What was the music director listening to that would elicit this kind of response?

Man of the Year

Elvis Presley was born 77 years ago today.  Today is also the 65th birthday of David Bowie.  But I’m not listening to either one of them right now.

Bob Dylan performing at St. Lawrence University
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As I listen to Sunday Street with Charlie Backfish on 90.1 WUSB this morning, I’m reminded of this article that was passed around Facebook, Man of the Year in the Arts: Charlie Backfish:

The man who created Sunday concerts from scratch

Music promoters in the industry know it’s a tedious and challenging task, and there’s one music expert on Long Island with a passion for bringing musicians to the community – Port Jefferson resident Charlie Backfish.

Charlie Backfish’s presentation of folk music and musicians goes well with my Sunday morning breakfast, and I look forward to his Bob Dylan track(s) of the day.  I had heard him promoting the Sunday concert series before, but until I read the article I had no idea he was behind the creation of the series.

Thank you, Charlie, for the many years of music, and I look forward to many years more.