A New Hope (not Star Wars)

So, here’s a bit of a surprise, at least for me, anyway.  Yesterday, I discovered that 96.9 FM was no longer carrying Star 107.  My ears kind of perked up, because they were playing “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac, which was originally the B-Side of “Go Your Own Way.”  Very unusual for this song to get airplay, and certainly makes no mention of anything religious.

As it turns out, WLIX has taken over 96.9, while Hope Radio has been… um… resurrected on 107.1 along with the simulcasts on 94.9, 96.5, and 104.5101.5 in Plainview now carries Radio Cantico Nuevo, also heard on WNYG.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Star Wars: A New Hope, which you probably figured out already.

As I was updating the Long Island Radio Dial with this new information, I found quite a number wrong links, which I have since corrected.


Online Alternatives

With the reemergence of alternative radio in Chicago on 101.1 FM (WKQX), this has left some wondering when will New York get its alt-rock radio station back.  Cumulus already yanked our chain once when they (temporarily) put the WRXP call letters on 94.7 FM, then turned it into country formatted NASH-FM.  101.9 FM turned into sports talk in November 2012, and since that time, many listeners have turned to online stations and other oases for modern rock fans.  Here’s a look at some of the options out there:

The Alternate Side (also available on WFUV 90.7 HD3 and WNYE 91.5) – Curated by the folks at WFUV, it’s one of the few. non-jukebox HD radio stations on the air.  In addition to broadcasting on HD radio and streaming 24/7, they broadcast on WNYE weekday mornings on the main WFUV signal each weeknight at 10pm.

ALTROK (also available on WBJB 90.5 HD2) – New and classic modern rock for the Jersey Shore, picking up where the old 106.3 FM WHTG left off.

Flashback Alternatives – New and classic modern rock, streaming online.

Intensely Modern – Alternative music from the 1990s to today.  Don’t forget to say “hello” to Bruce. 😀

RadioIO New Rock 1019 – Well, this looks familiar!  When WRXP left the airwaves (for the second time) in 2012, they turned into an online only radio station.  Here is where they currently reside.

WLIR.FM – Anyone familiar with 92.7 WLIR will already know what this station is about.  Classic alternative from the 1980s right up to the present day, and familiar voices that made history on the original WLIR/WDRE.

Have I left out your favorite station?  Please post it in the comments.

Another End of an Era

Absolute Radio branded cushion
Absolute Radio branded cushion (Photo credit: Abi Skipp)

A post in the WLIR Facbook group reminded me that ten years ago today, January 9th, WLIR signed off 92.7 FM.  It was a rather sad day, knowing that new music wouldn’t be heard on 92.7 anymore.

After that happened, I’ve found a number of radio stations online that seemed to fill the void, like Absolute Radio.  However, I’ve recently found out that Absolute Radio is no longer making their stream available outside the UK:

The firm said in a statement: “We do care about our [international] listeners, of course, but we are a broadcaster funded entirely by UK advertising derived from UK listening. It is, therefore, very unfortunately, not economically viable for us to continue to meet the cost of providing non-UK streams”.

Even before 2004, Absolute Radio was streaming their audio for the entire world.  Back then, they were called Virgin Radio.  I remember streaming the station in the late 1990s, before streaming music was as common as it is today.  After being able to stream this station for many, many years, it saddens me that I won’t be able to stream it anymore.  It was great while it lasted, but now it’s time to stream something else.

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ESPN is heading east… again

The WLIR 107.1/ESPN Logo used from January 200...
The WLIR 107.1/ESPN Logo used from January 2008 thru July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember when ESPN radio was on 107.1 FM a few years ago?  It’s coming back:

Newsday reports that “ESPN New York” 98.7 WEPN-FM New York will add a partial simulcast on 107.1 WLIR-FM Hampton Bays and 96.9 W245BA Manorville, NY next week.

Next Monday, Champions Radio will be heard on 107.1 FM in Hampton Bays in addition to 96.9 FM in Manorville.  This is good news for sports fans on the east end who haven’t been able to listen to ESPN after they moved from 1050 AM to 98.7 FM.  If ESPN plays their cards right, Yankee baseball could be broadcast on FM from one end of the island to the other.

Hope Radio, the current occupant of 107.1 FM, will either find another FM outlet or continue as an internet-only radio station.

Will WFAN do something similar with their FM signal?  Only time will tell…

Coming up for air… from the sea of Wikipedia

The free encyclopedia anyone can edit (Photo credit: Octavio Rojas)

For the past few months, I’ve been editing Wikipedia in earnest.  Why?  Because it needed help.

I started by editing the Long Island Radio template, in order to re-integrate the east end stations into it and to indicate how the areas of the island are divided.  That was all well and good, but then I moved on the individual articles of the Long Island radio stations.

Most of them needed editing on some level.  Some of the edits were minor, but a few of them were near-major.  One article that needed help was the one for WLIR-FM.  It has the full history of the modern rock format on WLIR from its early days until its ultimate sale by Jarad Broadcasting in 2004.  This information was all good, except that this history crosses multiple frequencies, and all this history was “stuck” on the 107.1 WLIR article.  There were no references from 92.7 (WQBU) or 98.5 (WBON) to indicate that this history happened there, too.

Thus began my major editing and moving of the history of WLIR to its own article.  As I was editing, I realized that WLIR is not a defunct station.  The legacy of WLIR is alive on the streaming station WLIR.FM.  To call WLIR a defunct radio station wouldn’t be right.

The result of all this editing can be seen now in two articles:

  • WLIR-FM – the original article, complete with the history of the 107.1 FM.
  • WLIR – the new article, chronicling the humble beginnings in Garden City on 92.7 FM, the “dare to be different” era of the 1980s, the post-grunge 1990s, its final days on 107.1 FM, and its new beginning on the internet.

I’ve also added references in the WQBU and WBON articles to the WLIR history.

It’s been quite a major undertaking, and at this point I’m taking a brief rest from editing Wikipedia.  Articles are never really “done” on Wikipedia.  Time passes, events occur, and if not kept up-to-date, the information can fall into obsolescence.  The work is never done, it just gets put on pause.

WLIR logo
The WLIR logo used from 1998 to sign off on 1/9/2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)