First Radio Dial Update

Looks like I’ve got my first update of the Long Island Radio Dial, thanks to the good people on the Radio-Info message boards.  Here’s what’s new:

  • 89.5 W208AU, Massapequa – This station is off the air. Apparently, the company went bankrupt.
  • 91.3 WRLI, Southampton – Continues to simulcast WNPR, but the WNPR call letters are being used on 90.5 FM in Meriden, CT.
  • 94.7 WLIX-LP, Ridge – 94.7 is no longer the “flagship” station of the Voice of Hope Network.  Listeners are being directed to tune into 107.1 WLIR (Hampton Bays) for the Voice of Hope, and that new religious programming will be coming to 94.7.
  • 100.9 WSVV-LP, Center Moriches – Sometimes this station is on the air, and when they are it’s some kind of gospel/religious programming.
  • 1580 WLIM, Patchogue – No longer “Radio Formula,” they now broadcast Spanish Religious “Radio Adonai.”

Online-only stations added: 1290 GLI, Penthouse Radio, Pure Jazz Radio, Smithtown Radio, WMIR 100.9


Long Island Radio Dial: On the Air

As promised, the Long Island Radio Dial is now up. Hopefully, you’ll get some use out of it. 😉

This info can be considered a constant work in progress.  Maybe that’s why I retired it years ago, hmmm… anyway, there are a couple of entries I’m not 100% sure about, so if you have any ideas about them please chime in:

  • 89.5 W208AU, Massapequa – This station carried South Asian programming from Asian FM, however I cannot verify that this is currently true.  The old web site for Asian FM ( leads to a placeholder page.
  • 100.9 WSVV-LP, Center Moriches – This station carried Christian programming from LifeTalk Radio, however their web site doesn’t show WSVV-LP in their station list.  It’s possible that 100.9 is either off the air, or went in a completely different direction, what with WLIX-LP blanketing Nassau and Suffolk on several frequencies.


Welcome to Dr. Chuck’s Notepad.  Sorry there isn’t much to see right now, but I’m working on putting up some content that you might find interesting (well, at least I find it interesting).  For now, you can read an article I wrote called GEOS Text Scrap Maker, which is a utility I wrote for the Commodore 64 some years ago.  I’m also working on an updated Long Island Radio Dial.  Some of you may remember when I used to have a list of Long Island radio stations back in the mid-1990s.  I had retired it some time ago, and thought that it was time to come out of retirement.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Dude, radio?  It’s 2011, who’s still listening to the radio?”  Believe it or not, people still listen to the radio, but not in the way they used to in the past.  It’s in your car, and on your phone, and on your computer.  TuneIn is one of my favorite iPod/iPhone apps.  It lets me listen to thousands of radio stations that stream online, all over the world, and not all of them are a personality-less jukebox.  And, yes, I do use it to listen to some Long Island radio.

There’s more to come.  Don’t forget to subscribe using the RSS feed or the email box, and when something new happens here, you’ll know.