Bob Coburn has passed away #BCingyou

2016 has been a rough year for celebrity deaths, so perhaps this one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

But it still does.

Last night, I noticed someone made an edit to the Rockline article on Wikipedia with the note “death of bob coburn.”  I did some verification, and sure enough, Bob Coburn had passed away:

Bob Coburn, legendary L.A. DJ and longtime host of the syndicated show Rockline, has passed away at the age of 68. He had been fighting stage four lung cancer.

I’ve already written about my personal history with Rockline, so there’s no need to repeat it in this post.

BC was part of the old guard, when the DJ’s voice would make you stop what you were doing and pay attention.  For myself, and many rock music fans, Rockline was required listening.  It was “appointment radio,” and Bob really helped make it that way.  You will be missed, Bob.  Thanks for all you’ve done.


WLIR on 105.3 HD3

Not only is WPTY putting oldies on HD2, they’ve put WLIR on HD3:

After much hard work and effort, Bob Wilson has brought WLIR back to the airwaves.

WPTY-FM 105.3 HD-3 is now broadcasting Bob’s terrific station WLIR.FM.

It features the original “World Famous” WLIR alternative music, air personalities, sounders, jingles, shrieks and screamers as well as today’s new music.

For those who dreamed of once again hearing WLIR over the air, Christmas has come early.

Aside from this message board post (and a stray Facebook post), there really hasn’t been any official announcement. Although, if you listen to the stream, you can hear “WPTY HD3” at the top of the hour.

Party’s over, Oldies time!

The Party simulcast is over, and the Oldies have begun:

JVC Media officially launched Oldies “Oldies 98” 98.1 W251BY Patchouge NY/105.3 WPTY-HD2 Calverton-Roanoke today after testing for a few weeks.

The station is operating commercial-free with a mix of music from the 60’s through the 80’s. Charlie Lombardo JVC Media SVP/Programming and midday host at sister Country “My Country 96.1” WJVC as ‘Jay Letterman’ is overseeing the programming on the new station. The new format fills the Oldies gap in Central Long Island created by the move of Connoisseur Media’s 103.1 WBZO Bay Shore to Rock leaning Classic Hits “103.1 Max-FM” in May 2015.

Double the Party

You might have noticed that there’s a new frequency in town.  98.1 W251BY is currently simulcasting Party 105.  Whether this is permanent or not remains to be seen.  So, enjoy the party while it lasts!