No more Hope for 107.1 FM

On August 1, Hope radio will no longer be on 107.1 FM:

Pillar Of Fire Christian AC “Star 99.1” WAWZ Zarepath, NJ/New York is expanding its programming to Long Island on August 1.

Pillar of Fire will begin leasing Livingstone Broadcasting’s 107.1 WLIR-FM Hampton Bays and its network of translators across Long Island to expand its “uplifting music and personalities to a whole new audience of Christian music fans on Long Island” as “Star 107.1“. The stations currently broadcast Holding Out Hope Church’s “Hope Radio” programming.

I’d been wondering what would happen to Hope Radio, ever since they converted their sports station back to Christian programming and WLIX-LP started simulcasting on Hope’s other translators at 96.9 FM and 101.5 FM.  We’ll see what happens next after August 1.


Author: Chuck

I started out as a child, then things kind of grew from there.  I spend way too much time around computers and radios, but I do like to take a break once in a while.  I'm not a real doctor, but I played one on the radio in college. A bit later on, I wrote an article that was published in COMPUTE!'s Gazette (Commodore 64/128 magazine). I also think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

4 thoughts on “No more Hope for 107.1 FM”

        1. 96.9 is owned by M. Celenza Communications, and 101.5 by Apple Community Broadcasting. FCC records indicate that the primary call sign is WLIR-FM, so perhaps they were merely “on loan” to WLIX.


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