Talkin’ Baseball

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Quick, name as many songs as you can about baseball.  You have ten seconds.  Time’s up!  How many did you come up with?  If you have a copy of the CD Baseball’s Greatest Hits, you could probably rattle off a couple dozen (and that’s without including “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”).

Songs about baseball are about as old as baseball itself, and there are new songs being written about baseball today.  The Baseball Project is a band that’s been around since the mid-2000s.  You might have heard of some of its members: Peter Buck, Mike Mills (both formerly R.E.M.), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows), Steve Wynn (formerly Dream Syndicate) and Linda Pitmon.  They’ve just released their third CD with songs about baseball.  A few days ago, I heard the song “They Played Baseball” and dug it.  It’s hard to go wrong with lyrics like “John Rocker was a dumbass” and its Dylan-esque vibe.

I should probably remind you that it’s time to adjust your radios to hear your favorite team play.  Yankees fans can hear the games on 660 AM or 101.9 FM WFAN.  Mets fans will need to tune into 710 AM WOR.


Author: Chuck

I started out as a child, then things kind of grew from there.  I spend way too much time around computers and radios, but I do like to take a break once in a while.  I'm not a real doctor, but I played one on the radio in college. A bit later on, I wrote an article that was published in COMPUTE!'s Gazette (Commodore 64/128 magazine). I also think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

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