Talk of July in August

Tom Waits has a very unique voice.  As soon as you hear its coarse, gravelly tones, you know it’s him.  So, I’m streaming Indie 88, as I have been this past month, and I hear this guy that sounds like Tom Waits.  But it’s not Tom Waits.  Turns out, it’s this Canadian band called July Talk.  The guy isn’t Tom Waits, but the Tom Waits-ish sound keeps me coming back.  The girl isn’t Tom Waits either, but I think that’s pretty obvious.

July Talk – “Paper Girl”


Author: Chuck

I started out as a child, then things kind of grew from there.  I spend way too much time around computers and radios, but I do like to take a break once in a while.  I'm not a real doctor, but I played one on the radio in college. A bit later on, I wrote an article that was published in COMPUTE!'s Gazette (Commodore 64/128 magazine). I also think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

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