Remembering Davy Jones

The Monkees’ TV show seemed to keep coming back in reruns every few years, and a new crop of kids would discover The Monkees.  I remember seeing the reruns when I was a kid, then in the mid 1980s they scored a new hit on the Billboard Hot 100.  Time certainly flies, doesn’t it?  Rest in peace, Davy.

Alan Cross posted a video of (then 19-year-old) Davy Jones’ screen test for the Monkees:


Author: Chuck

I started out as a child, then things kind of grew from there.  I spend way too much time around computers and radios, but I do like to take a break once in a while.  I'm not a real doctor, but I played one on the radio in college. A bit later on, I wrote an article that was published in COMPUTE!'s Gazette (Commodore 64/128 magazine). I also think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

One thought on “Remembering Davy Jones”

  1. Yes, I too discovered the Monkees at 6 years old and loved them through childhood until I discovered the Beatles. They were the first record I ever bought. I still have it. Then I learned to re-love them in 1986 when MTV broacasted their shows and played Monkee Marathons. I saw them in 1986 at Veretans Stadium after a Temples Owl football game and bought their first 4 albums which I still own, gathing dust in my garage. Thanks for the memories. Davy.

    I was shocked that Davy went first, because I thought Peter would be the one, since he has had a bout with cancer. RIP Davy. Your star will always shine!


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