Goodbye, Cablevision.

When I was growing up, there were two options for watching television:

  1. Connect an antenna (usually on the roof) to your TV set, and watch for free.
  2. Call Cablevision, have them connect a cable to your TV set, and pay a monthly fee.

With the antenna, you were limited to what was broadcast over the airwaves.  Cable also had the broadcast channels, and included some more that you couldn’t get without an antenna, like TBS, CNN, and HBO.  Of course, technology progresses with time, and we’ve seen the development of home satellite dishes (Dish Network, DirecTV) and fiber optic delivery (Verizon FiOS).  Cablevision is no longer the only game in town, and it’s time to say goodbye to them, as they are being purchased by Altice, a European telecommunication company.

There is a question of what will happen to the news content, as Cablevision also owns Newsday, the only Island-wide daily newspaper.  For now, there are no plans to change this:

If regulators approve the sale, which is scheduled to close next year, Altice will also take over Cablevision’s media assets: Newsday, LI’s lone daily newspaper; amNew York, a free New York City daily; and seven News12 hyperlocal cable news channels covering the tristate area, including their flagship station on the Island.

“We were very focused on keeping control and ownership of…the media assets, which have been loss-making historically, but are extremely attractive as far as being a part of the fiber of the local community,” Altice Chief Executive Officer Dexter Goei said on a conference call Wednesday.

However, it’s likely that many employees see their salaries reduced, and some will be shown the door:

“I don’t like to pay salaries. I pay as little as I can,” Drahi recently crowed with the ink still wet from the deal. “… [Cablevision has] many layers of people that are highly paid. This will change.”

And of course the biggest salaries of all are that of former Cablevision owners the Dolan family. As such, Altice CEO Dexter Goei is making it pretty clear that the Dolan family will be the first to go once the deal gets regulatory and shareholder approval […]

If you are a Cablevision subscriber, you may be wondering how all this salary cutting will affect your cable bill.  That remains to be seen.  If you’re satisfied with your cable service, you may want to stay with it.  If not, you do have other options, including connecting a roof antenna for free TV.

College Radio Day is Coming

College Radio day is coming.  Make sure your college (or high school) radio station is ready!

Your station may already be participating.

Nash Icon?

So, it looks like Nash Icon has come to the east end:

Joule Broadcasting’s 104.7 WELJ Montauk, NY/New London, CT has dropped its simulcast of Cumulus Country “Nash-FM 94.7” WNSH New York to shift to Cumulus’ “Nash Icon” brand.

It’s my understanding that stations that are part of “Nash Icon” are more classic country, and the ones that are just plain “Nash” are contemporary country.  I’m no fan of country, so I probably couldn’t tell the difference between either one.  Makes me wonder how My Country 96.1 (WJVC) is doing.  104.7 barely makes it out of the east end (hence, their target of New London CT), while 96.1 has the ability to push their signal further west.

Farewell, Jon Stewart

This week marks Jon Stewart’s final week on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”  He’s had a long run on the channel, when you think about it.  Before it was called Comedy Central, before it merged with HA! (does anyone remember that channel?) there was The Comedy Channel.  Here, you can see (a much younger) Jon Stewart making an appearance (as the character Maximilian) on “The Sweet Life” with Rachel Sweet.

Rachel is no stranger to television, either.  She’s produced and written several series, including the recently completed “Hot in Cleveland” (and soon to be working on “2 Broke Girls”).

“The Sweet Life” with Rachel Sweet f/ Jon Stewart

Don Imus is 75

Don Imus is 75 years old.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Don Imus was born on July 23, 1940.  Happy birthday, Don, aka Mr. Imus, aka I-man.

In my lifetime, Don Imus has always been on the radio.  He was the wacky morning man on WNBC.  He feuded with newcomer Howard Stern in 1980s.  He survived the format change to all-sports radio on WFAN.  He was fired for making inappropriate comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.  He was hired at WABC.  He’s still there, and he hasn’t retired… yet.

A New Hope (not Star Wars)

So, here’s a bit of a surprise, at least for me, anyway.  Yesterday, I discovered that 96.9 FM was no longer carrying Star 107.  My ears kind of perked up, because they were playing “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac, which was originally the B-Side of “Go Your Own Way.”  Very unusual for this song to get airplay, and certainly makes no mention of anything religious.

As it turns out, WLIX has taken over 96.9, while Hope Radio has been… um… resurrected on 107.1 along with the simulcasts on 94.9, 96.5, and 104.5101.5 in Plainview now carries Radio Cantico Nuevo, also heard on WNYG.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Star Wars: A New Hope, which you probably figured out already.

As I was updating the Long Island Radio Dial with this new information, I found quite a number wrong links, which I have since corrected.

For the Fanilows

Today is Barry Manilow’s birthday.  Back in the 1970s, his songs were all over the radio.  Nowadays, you’re likely to hear him on stations like WLIX.  I can’t think of a more fitting way to honor this occasion than to share this song by a man who sang about streaking in the 1970s.

Ray Stevens – “I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow”

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