Twenty Years and Counting

Weezer (Blue Album)
A number of things happened since the first Weezer album came out (photo credit: Wikipedia).

The other day, I realized that it’s been 20 years since I created my first website. That’s quite a milestone when you think about it, and in terms of the internet, it’s ancient history!  I don’t know exactly what it looked like back then, but if you hit this link you can see how it was back in March 1997.

Did you look? Yikes, that was so… Web 1.0.

That got me to thinking of the many events that happened between now and then. Some things are still around, and some things didn’t quite last.  This list doesn’t show everything that happened, so if I missed something you think I should have mentioned, let me know in the comments.


  • Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web goes online. Three months later, it is renamed Yahoo!
  • Dave Winer, creator of the Scripting News, begins blogging.
  • Netscape Navigator is released.




  • The first DVD movies are released in the United States.
  • Netflix is founded.


  • The DMCA is signed into law by President Bill Clinton.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin begin a research project at Stanford University that would shortly become Google.
  • Microsoft releases Windows 98.











  • Hulu launches for public access.







  • U2 releases their album Songs of Innocence for free on the iTunes Store for all iTunes users. Many users do not appreciate this “gift” and want to return it. Bono says “sorry about that.”

Kenyon… out!

That didn’t last long, did it?  Drew came to The Shark in the spring, but now he’s out.  I’m not sure what “new direction” the station is considering, but it can’t be a different music format, can it?

A new name for an old friend

When this blog was relaunched, I gave it the name Dr. Chuck’s Notepad.  This morning, I had thought of a good name for a radio show, if I still had one.  I may not have radio show, but I still have this blog, so I decided to use it here.  Welcome to Dr. Chuck’s Corner!  The content remains the same, only the name has changed.

Yesterday was National Radio Day… wha?

You know, you would think I would be on top of something like this.  I had never heard of National Radio Day until this tweet came across my feed.  So, I did a little digging (aka, Googling).  I didn’t find much in the way of information about this day, but I did find a page at Holiday Insights that had this to say:

When : Always August 20th

National Radio Day celebrates a great invention and communications medium.

Oh!  That’s, um, useful.  The same page goes on to say:

The Origin of National Radio Day:

We found some evidence on blogs and radio station websites suggesting that this is a more recently established holiday, dating only to the 1990s. Radio station personnel, in a number of radio stations, began talking about creating their own holiday. After all, they frequently promoted bizarre and unique holidays of all kinds. From these conversations, this special day took on life.

Our research did not find a identify an individual or group having created this day.

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

So, this National Radio Day really isn’t official, it’s just something some folks decided would be a good idea.

No more Hope for 107.1 FM

On August 1, Hope radio will no longer be on 107.1 FM:

Pillar Of Fire Christian AC “Star 99.1” WAWZ Zarepath, NJ/New York is expanding its programming to Long Island on August 1.

Pillar of Fire will begin leasing Livingstone Broadcasting’s 107.1 WLIR-FM Hampton Bays and its network of translators across Long Island to expand its “uplifting music and personalities to a whole new audience of Christian music fans on Long Island” as “Star 107.1“. The stations currently broadcast Holding Out Hope Church’s “Hope Radio” programming.

I’d been wondering what would happen to Hope Radio, ever since they converted their sports station back to Christian programming and WLIX-LP started simulcasting on Hope’s other translators at 96.9 FM and 101.5 FM.  We’ll see what happens next after August 1.

I write things down, and you sometimes read them.


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